Over the past 5 years, I taught French at a local High school, from beginner to advanced.

New York


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About Charles Picone

I lived in Brussels, Belgium, as a child and attended Francophone schools. After university, I joined the United States Air Force and used my French abilities to travel throughout Central Africa, working with embassies and airports.

Over the past 5 years, I taught French at a local High school, from beginner to advanced. It is really fun to start with a new student who knows nothing and transform them into well-versed and confident French speakers

Charles can teach the following courses

Grand Débutant (Intro to French Level 1)

20 hours

8 sections

Beginner level

This course goes through the basics of French conversations, meeting and introducing yourself to others, describing things you like, and more.

$ 307 USD
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Beza gives glowing testimonial to Get French Classes' tutors and course materials.

What I like the most about the program is that all my tutors are native speakers. They do help me not only understand the French language, but also the culture and the nuances of some words and expressions. And mostly, the live sessions are engaging and fun.

Sunu Kim took french lessons from Get French Classes and enjoys it.

I chose Get French Classes because their teaching materials and content are incredibly rich, going from everyday expressions to more specialized ones. I also get many opportunities to interact with tutors, and that has a huge impact on my fluency.

Heather took our french course and loves our french tutors

As a busy mom and professional, learning French has been complicated for me. But since I started learning with Get French Classes, I have seen my French improve FAST. Through the lessons, I not only get to practice every day, but I also have more opportunities than before. I can practice with my advisor, private tutor, and other learners like me.


I've tried learning French on my own before, but nothing compares to this program. The combination of video lessons, live tutoring sessions, and group practice made learning French enjoyable and effective.

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