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Through our years of experience helping thousands of people learn French and become bilingual, we’ve discovered that passive language learning methods are often ineffective. 

In fact, there are only two ways to learn French without wasting too much time and money:

  1. Immerse yourself in France or a French-speaking country, or

  2. Immerse yourself in the language right where you live.

The first option is costly and unaffordable for many; the second requires discipline and a willingness to learn actively.

As spending less money typically makes the most sense, most people choose the second option but don’t know how to proceed. 

Should you use Duolingo, try that trendy new language learning method from TikTok, hire a tutor, join group classes on Preply, or simply watch Lupin on Netflix? 

With so many options, it's easy to invest your money and energy in the wrong approach.

At Get French Classes, we've listened to our learners' complaints and frustrations for years. They often express concerns like:

  • "I feel overwhelmed. There are so many French learning resources, and I don't know where to start."

  • "My tutor spends most of our time teaching me grammar instead of practicing with me."

  • "I don't have anyone to speak and practice French with."

  • "I'm learning the language, but I don't understand the cultural context behind it."

From this aggregated feedback, we developed our Active Immersion Method, which puts you at the forefront of the learning experience. 

Our method addresses these concerns head-on, providing you with a structured and effective approach to mastering the French language.

In this article, you'll learn more about our method, why it is suited to your goals, and how it compares to other learning approaches. 

So, let’s get started. 

🇫🇷 Learn From Meghan's Mistakes!

Meghan spent months trying out techniques like vocabulary memorization, spaced repetition, and gamification apps like Duolingo. None of it worked, instead it ended up being total waste of time and money. She had a breakthrough only after discovering Get French Classes where she went through our active immersion, that helped her:

  1. build the daily habits of speaking French,

  2. practice under real-life scenarios through private French classes,

  3. improve fluency through group classes with other French learners.

Join one of our French courses and start speaking French today.

Engage, Practice, and Refine: The core activities of our Active Immersion Method that get you speaking French in weeks

The Active Immersion Method is made up of 3 core activities. Each activity is designed to have an impact on the four main French language skills i.e., speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

Here is what each activity entails. 


By starting with Engage, we ensure that learners get the right content in the right way, setting the stage for successful French language acquisition. 

This is where you get high-quality input materials (video, audio, ebook, etc.) that are both easy to digest and relevant to your needs. 

Here’s how we put that into practice. 👇👇👇

When you sign up for any of our programs, you get access to bite-sized video lessons (combined to form a course curriculum). Each lesson deals with one core concept. The approach allows you to fully grasp and internalize the material before moving on to the next. 

This approach eliminates the information overload that often plagues traditional language learning methods. Getting complex concepts into digestible chunks makes it easier for you to process and retain the information, which means more effective and efficient learning.

But it's not just about the size of the lessons; it's also about their content. 

Our lessons are designed around real-life examples and context-bound phrases. That means you get language learning materials that are both authentic and practical. 

Instead of memorizing abstract notions, you engage with French as it is actually used in everyday situations. This helps you visualize the language in action, and it makes it easier to internalize and apply in real-life conversations.

For example, instead of simply teaching the conjugation of verbs in isolation, our lessons present scenarios where you need to order food at a restaurant. 

You get to see relevant verbs and phrases used in that context, and you better understand their meaning and usage without sweating over the technicalities behind them. And as you practice and move along, it helps you develop the right instincts and you can easily speak well in similar and other contexts. 

This context-rich learning experience not only makes the language more memorable but also helps our learners develop the confidence to use it in authentic situations.

Furthermore, we understand that every learner has unique goals and needs when it comes to learning French. 

That’s why we offer specialty French lessons tailored to specific interests or professions. Whether you're learning French for business, travel, or personal enrichment, our lessons are designed to engage you with content that is directly relevant to your objectives. 

By aligning the input materials with your individual goals, we create a more engaging and motivating learning experience that keeps you invested in your language learning journey.     


The Practice phase of our Active Immersion Method is where you get to put your newly acquired French language skills to the test. This is the stage where you actively engage with the language, transforming knowledge into practical abilities. 

So, we provide you with a combination of spoken and written assignments, private tutoring sessions, and interactive group classes. You'll have ample opportunities to practice and refine your French speaking skills.

After each video lesson, you'll complete a set of spoken and written assignments designed to reinforce the concepts covered in the lesson. These assignments challenge you to apply what you've learned in different contexts, helping you internalize the language and develop fluency. 

Whether it's writing a short essay, recording a spoken response, or engaging in a dialogue exercise, these assignments provide an effective way to practice and receive feedback on your progress.

To help you further consolidate your learning, you'll have regular private sessions with a dedicated French tutor. Your tutor will review your assignments, provide feedback, and guide you through additional exercises to help you master the language. 

These sessions are an invaluable opportunity to ask questions, clarify doubts, and receive targeted guidance from an experienced French language professional.

In addition to private tutoring, you'll also participate in group classes designed to improve your conversational skills and connect you with other French learners. 

These interactive sessions bring about a supportive and engaging environment where you can practice speaking French in real time with your peers. You’ll have debates, role-play activities, and collaborate on projects. 

You’ll also have the chance to learn from your classmates, share experiences, and build a network of French language enthusiasts. Doing all this in a stress-free environment helps you think in the target language, build confidence, speak freely, make mistakes, get feedback, and learn. 

By participating in these discussions, you'll not only improve your speaking and listening abilities but also develop important skills such as critical thinking, persuasion, and public speaking. These experiences will boost your confidence and prepare you for real-world conversations in French.

The combination of assignments, private sessions, and group classes in the Practice phase creates a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. 

Each component reinforces the others, helping you build a strong foundation in French and develop the confidence to use the language in authentic situations. 

The assignments provide structured practice and feedback; the private sessions offer personalized guidance and support, and the group classes foster conversational fluency and cultural understanding. 


This is where you receive targeted feedback and guidance to help you identify and overcome your weaknesses in French. This phase is essential for fine-tuning your language skills and ensuring that you're making steady progress towards your goals. 

One of the key components of the Refine phase is the feedback you receive from your tutor on your assignments and during private sessions. 

Your tutor will carefully review your written and spoken assignments. They will comment on your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and overall language performance. They also do the same during your private French lessons.

They will highlight your strengths and identify areas where you need to make corrections or improvements. This personalized feedback is essential for helping you understand your mistakes and learn from them, and you get to refine your French language skills.

You will also benefit from peer feedback during group sessions. 

As you participate in discussions, debates, and collaborative projects with other French learners, you'll have the opportunity to give and receive constructive feedback on language usage, pronunciation, and overall communication skills. 

And it all translates into valuable insights into areas where you need to focus your efforts and make improvements.

Why the Active Immersion Method is designed for all types of French learners

Now that you know the core principles of our approach, here are the top 4 reasons why this method is built for you.

It offers you efficient and cost-effective French language learning

The Active Immersion Method stands out for its focus on concise, practical lessons that teach you essential French skills in a digestible format. The approach allows you to make steady progress without feeling overwhelmed or wasting time on irrelevant learning materials.

You learn the core concepts through the lessons first, so you don't have to spend valuable time on explanations during your live private tutoring sessions. 

This shift allows you to make the most of your private sessions, and you get to focus on practice and receiving feedback rather than being passively lectured by a French tutor.

Moreover, the Active Immersion Method offers you exceptional value for your money. When you sign up for our programs, you gain access to a comprehensive package of learning resources, including:

  • Hours of video materials that you can access for a lifetime (what you get with FluentU)

  • A wide range of assignments and instant feedback (what you get with

  • 10+ hours of private and group French classes for each program (what you get with Alliance Française)

  • Opportunities to network with other learners from around the world, providing you with additional practice partners (what you get with Cambly)

To put this into perspective, if you were to pay for these resources separately, you could easily spend around $10,000 per year to learn French. 

For instance, Alliance Française charges $75+ for every 1-hour session, Cambly costs $60 per month for conversations with native speakers, Quizizz charges $99 per year, and FluentU subscriptions start at $120+ per year.

Choosing Get French Classes and the Active Immersion Method means you access all of these valuable resources in one comprehensive, cost-effective package. It makes our program a more financially feasible option compared to enrolling in traditional language schools or purchasing each resource independently.

It prevents you from wasting time and money on ineffective French learning methods

Many language learners turn to apps like Duolingo , Babbel , or Pimsleur or traditional learning methods in their quest to master French. However, these apps' approach rarely helps them achieve fast and real-world language skills. 

The main issue is that these apps gamify the whole learning process and break the effectiveness of the learning materials in same process. They use attractives badges, learning streaks, completion certificates and other trivial materials to make the courses easy and fun. 

Also, learning methods like classroom courses or textbook study are time-consuming and inefficient. These approaches rely on rote memorization and drill exercises, which fail to provide the immersive, context-rich experience necessary for language acquisition. 

As a result, you spend months or even years using apps without making significant progress. You turn to traditional learning methods and still get the same fate. 

You’ll find yourself struggling to advance from one CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) level to the next. You invest significant time and money into these methods without seeing the desired improvements in your French abilities.

At Get French Classes, we believe that the focus should be on achieving genuine French proficiency rather than accumulating XPs, badges, or certificates of completion.  

So, our Active Immersion Method is designed to help you make tangible progress in your language skills, avoiding the pitfalls of ineffective learning strategies.

As well, the Active Immersion Method is carefully designed to align with the CEFR levels. That means that you’ll always have a clear understanding of your progress and what you can expect to achieve at each stage of your learning journey. 

Even more importantly, because we offer a combination of video lessons, tutoring, and group classes, our method helps you develop practical language skills that you can apply in real-world situations and speak easily. 

You'll learn to communicate effectively in French, rather than simply memorizing vocabulary lists, completing repetitive exercises, and playing games in childish apps.

It creates a supportive and engaging French learning environment

One of the key features of our Active Immersion Method is the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded French learners from around the world. 

With our group classes and discussion forums, you'll have the chance to practice your language skills, share your experiences, and learn from your peers. This learning environment fosters a sense of camaraderie and mutual support. It makes the learning process more enjoyable and less daunting.

You'll also benefit from the guidance and encouragement of our experienced French tutors. Our tutors are not only knowledgeable about the French language and culture but also passionate about helping you succeed. 

They create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere in which you feel comfortable making mistakes, asking questions, and expressing yourself in French.

During your private tutoring sessions, your tutor will provide personalized feedback and encouragement. They’ll celebrate your progress and help you overcome any challenges you may face. They'll adapt their teaching style to your individual needs and learning preferences, ensuring that you feel supported and engaged throughout your language learning journey.

It helps you develop a deeper understanding of French culture and nuances

Learning a language is about more than just mastering grammar rules and vocabulary; it's also about understanding and appreciating the rich culture and nuances associated with that language. 

And our Active Immersion Method places a strong emphasis on cultural immersion. The idea is that we want you to learn how to speak French and gain insight into the customs, values, and traditions that shape the French-speaking world. 

For this, our video lessons, group classes, and private tutoring sessions, will all allow you to explore various aspects of French culture, from daily life and social etiquette to art, literature, and history.

Our video lessons often include cultural segments that bring forth important cultural concepts, such as the French way of life, famous landmarks and traditions, the role of food in French society, and much more. 

During your group classes, you’ll also have the chance to discuss and share your thoughts on French cultural topics with your fellow learners and tutors. These conversations not only help you practice your language skills but also provide an opportunity to learn from the experiences and perspectives of others who are passionate about French culture.

Your private tutoring sessions offer a more personalized approach to cultural immersion. Your tutor will share their own insights and experiences, answering your questions and providing guidance on navigating cultural differences and nuances. 

They'll help you understand the subtle differences in language use depending on the context and the relationship between speakers, such as when to use formal or informal language and how to express politeness and respect in French.

How does the Active Immersion Method compare with other language learning methods?

Now, you’re certainly wondering, “Does this method even work better than what I used to do?”

That’s a very valid question, and here’s your response.

Traditional Classroom Learning Versus our Active Immersion Method 

One of the main drawbacks of traditional classroom learning is the lack of personalization. 

And in a typical classroom setting, the language tutor must cater to the needs of many learners simultaneously, making it difficult to provide individual attention and support. 

This can lead to some learners feeling left behind or unchallenged, depending on their level of proficiency and learning style.

Our Active Immersion Method overcomes this limitation through a combination of self-paced video lessons and personalized tutoring sessions. 

The video lessons allow you to learn at your own pace. That means you can focus on the areas where you need the most support and spend more time on concepts that you find challenging. 

During your one-on-one tutoring sessions, your French tutor will provide targeted feedback and guidance based on your individual needs and goals. You’ll get the personalized attention you need to succeed.

Another limitation of traditional classroom learning is the emphasis on passive learning, with learners often expected to absorb information through lectures and memorization. This approach can be tedious and ineffective, as it fails to actively engage learners in the language acquisition process.

In contrast, our Active Immersion Method prioritizes active learning and participation. The interactive group classes and engaging video lessons will provide you with many opportunities to practice your French skills in real-world contexts. 

You'll be encouraged to speak, write, and think in French, actively engaging with the language and developing your communication abilities through meaningful practice and feedback.

Language Learning Apps Versus Active Immersion Method 

The main drawback of language learning apps is the lack of personalized feedback and guidance. 

Most apps rely on automated exercises and pre-programmed responses, which cannot provide the tailored support and corrections that you need to improve your language skills. 

As a result, you end up struggling with specific concepts or making repeated mistakes without receiving the necessary guidance to overcome these challenges.

Our Active Immersion Method overcomes this limitation by providing personalized feedback and support through one-on-one tutoring sessions. Your French tutor will review your progress, identify areas where you need improvement, and provide targeted feedback to help you learn from your mistakes. 

Another limitation of language learning apps, from what most of our learners have reported, is the lack of authentic, context-rich practice opportunities. 

Many apps focus on isolated vocabulary and grammar exercises, which do not adequately prepare you for real-world communication. So, you ultimately end up not knowing how to apply your knowledge in real-life situations, as you have not practiced using the language in meaningful, contextual ways. Hence why most language learners end up complaining “ I can understand when people speak, but can’t speak.

Our Active Immersion Method addresses this limitation by providing a wealth of authentic practice opportunities. With 1-on-1 classes, group classes, and our fun social activities, you'll have the chance to use French in real-world contexts, such as conversations, debates, and role-plays. 

Also, from what we hear from people who used these apps in the past, these apps often fail to provide a deep understanding of French culture and nuances. 

While some apps include cultural tidbits, they barely portray the richness and complexity of the French-speaking world. This can limit your ability to speak effectively and appreciate the full depth of the language. 

Our Active Immersion Method places a strong emphasis on cultural immersion, ensuring that you develop a comprehensive understanding of French culture and nuances. 

Our video lessons, group discussions, and personalized tutoring, all come together together to offer you various aspects of French culture, from daily life and social etiquette to art, literature, and history. 

Finally, language learning apps also come short in their ability to provide a supportive and engaging learning community. Learning a language in isolation is demotivating, and learners struggle to stay committed without the support and encouragement of fellow learners and instructors.

Our Active Immersion Method fosters a supportive learning community, where you can connect with fellow French learners from around the world. The group classes and discussion forums are opportunities to practice your language skills, share your experiences, and learn from your peers. 

Self-study methods versus Active Immersion Method

Self-study methods lack interaction and feedback. When learning French on your own, you don’t have the opportunity to engage in real-time conversations, receive personalized corrections, or get answers to your questions. 

This lack of interaction can lead to feelings of isolation and make it difficult to gauge your progress or identify areas where you need improvement.

Our Active Immersion Method addresses this limitation as you get ample opportunities for interaction and feedback. One-on-one tutoring sessions give you the chance to practice your French skills with a native speaker, get corrections and guidance, and get answers to your questions in real-time. 

Self-study methods also lack structure and accountability. Without a clear curriculum, learning plan, or set deadlines, it’s easy to lose motivation or become overwhelmed by the vast amount of resources you’re offered. 

Thus, you struggle to prioritize your learning goals or maintain a consistent study schedule, leading to slow progress or even abandonment of your language learning efforts.

Our Active Immersion Method provides a structured and accountable learning experience, ensuring that you stay on track and make steady progress toward your French language goals. 

Through a carefully designed curriculum, regular assignments, and scheduled tutoring sessions, you'll have a clear roadmap for your language learning journey. Your French tutor will help you set achievable goals, monitor your progress, and provide the support and encouragement you need to stay motivated and committed.

Testimonials and success stories from learners who learned french using the Active Immersion Method



Beza gives glowing testimonial to Get French Classes' tutors and course materials.

What I like the most about the program is that all my tutors are native speakers. They do help me not only understand the French language, but also the culture and the nuances of some words and expressions. And mostly, the live sessions are engaging and fun.


I've tried learning French on my own before, but nothing compares to this program. The combination of video lessons, live tutoring sessions, and group practice made learning French enjoyable and effective.

Sunu Kim took french lessons from Get French Classes and enjoys it.

I chose Get French Classes because their teaching materials and content are incredibly rich, going from everyday expressions to more specialized ones. I also get many opportunities to interact with tutors, and that has a huge impact on my fluency.

Become a fluent French speaker with the Get French Classes program

Our Active Immersion Method at Get French Classes is a great way to learn French that tackles the problems and frustrations many language learners face. It gives you a well-organized, interesting, and personalized learning experience that really works.

The three main parts — Engage, Practice, and Refine — work together perfectly to help you improve your French quickly and effectively. 

  • The short video lessons, real-life content, and lessons tailored to your interests in the Engage part make sure you get top-notch materials that match your goals and keep you excited to learn.

  • The Practice phase, with its mix of exercises, private tutoring, and fun group classes, lets you actively use what you've learned in a friendly setting. Its hands-on approach helps you really absorb the language and feel confident using it in everyday life.

  • The Refine phase gives you specific feedback and advice from your tutor and classmates, letting you spot and work on your weak points in French. It's a support system that helps polish your language skills and make sure you keep moving towards your goals.

Our Active Immersion Method stands out because it's efficient and affordable. It combines the best parts of different language learning resources and systems and gives you amazing value and a straightforward path to becoming fluent in French.

It stops learners from wasting time and money. Plus, the supportive and engaging learning environment is different from regular classroom learning, language apps, and studying on your own. 

The chances to immerse into the French culture, get personalized feedback, and connect with a worldwide group of French learners make for a rich and rewarding learning experience.

From better conversation skills and professional-level French to making lasting friendships with other learners, the benefits of this method are obvious.

🇫🇷 Learn From Meghan's Mistakes!

Meghan spent months trying out techniques like vocabulary memorization, spaced repetition, and gamification apps like Duolingo. None of it worked, instead it ended up being total waste of time and money. She had a breakthrough only after discovering Get French Classes where she went through our active immersion, that helped her:

  1. build the daily habits of speaking French,

  2. practice under real-life scenarios through private French classes,

  3. improve fluency through group classes with other French learners.

Join one of our French courses and start speaking French today.