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This is for professionals who are interested in learning French and want their company to reimburse them for the service. The idea here is that we want to help you create specific documents and invoices you can send to your company to get them to reimburse you. 

Depending on your contractual situation with your current company, we at Get French Classes, can help you get full or partial reimbursement for your French courses.


As a first step, please check whether or not your company offers an L&D or education budget. Then, check if that budget can fully cover the cost of our courses. If the budget isn’t enough to cover it, then you’d have to go the partial reimbursement route.

Here are a few ways we can help you get reimbursed. 👇👇👇

Take the full course, pass the exam, and bag a Certificate

Unfortunately, completing a Get French Classes course doesn’t implicitly grant you a certificate.

We have a little bit of a different philosophy when it comes to certificates. Here’s the TLDR, if you're not yet familiar with it.


Delivering certificates after a learner completes a course distracts them from the actual prize of taking our courses: the ability to speak, write, listen, and read French without difficulty.

We want our learners to focus on fluency because that in itself is more rewarding than a sheet of paper indicating that they took French courses.

Our certificates are proof that you’ve passed the final exams and showed mastery of the majority of the French lessons.

Once you take the exam and pass, we will issue and sign a certificate that proves you’ve taken the course and actually nailed your exams. 

That certificate will comprise:

  • Your name, 

  • The level of the course, 

  • Get French Classes ’ official logo, 

  • A secure and digitized stamp to prove your certificate’s uniqueness

Here is an example:

certificate of Get French Classes

Send the certificate to the dedicated person at your company to get reimbursement.

Use your course purchase invoice 

As soon as you enroll in one of our French courses, we’ll send you an invoice or a receipt for your purchase. 

Simply forward this invoice directly to the person in charge for reimbursement. And if you need any sort of assistance from our end, (e.g., adding custom details to the invoice, an email from us to your HR department), reach out to our CEO at ernest (at) getfrenchclasses (dot) com.

Use our course reimbursement email template

We’ve had a few cases where some of our learners needed approval from their manager or HR team to proceed with purchasing our French course.

If that’s your case, then the following email will help you build a case for any of the French classes you’re interested in. 

Email Template

Hey {HR/Learning Program Manager},

A company called Get French Classes has a French language program that I'd love to enroll in. 

It's an online course with private tutors and sometimes other French learners from around the world who are at similar learning levels to me, and 2,000+ professionals from companies like [placeholder for when we sign companies] have already taken it.

A few highlights:

  • Lifetime access to bite-sized French video lessons

  • 2x private sessions with a dedicated and certified French language tutor

  • 1x group sessions with 5 other learners in similar levels to me (Can be people from our company)

  • A chance to go to France for 1 week in an all-paid trip

The courses are designed to help learners go from one level to the other. After the course, I can reach [A1, A1, B1, etc depending on the level of the course] level and that’d be very key in helping me [benefit for your team/company].

The course costs $537 USD + $37 for the certificate. If you like, you can review course details here: [LINK]



[Your Name]

A few things to keep in mind, in case you’re tweaking this email template.

  • Sure, you could try to demonstrate how the French course fits your career goals or can help you evolve as a valuable member of your team, but what will really make your manager click is your ability to demonstrate how the course will help the company make money or save money. 

  • A solid case would be one that benefits your team, manager, and company. That’s why you should also use examples of other companies leveraging our French classes to improve their team’s cohesiveness.

Do not forget to follow up

It might happen that you don’t hear back from the person you sent the email to. So, don’t be discouraged. You just need to follow up because most managers are very busy.

Use this template:

Follow up template

Hey {Name}, 

‍Did you get a chance to peek at the Get French Classes courses I sent over? I’d love to get your approval before I proceed with getting enrolled.  

I think this course will really help me: 

  • [Goal you think achieving will benefit the company] 

  • [Goal you think achieving will benefit the company] 

  • [Goal you think achieving will benefit the company]   

I'd be happy to take mock exams to assess my progress at the halfway point. You can get all the details here. 

Thank you so much for considering this!

[Your name]

What happens after I get approval? 

Once you've signed up, we'll send you an invoice for your employer to pay. And after you’ve completed the course and the exams, you will receive a certificate to prove that you’ve put in the hard work. 

Always reach out if you have any doubt

A third of our learners get their French courses reimbursed by their company. You can do the same. That’s a testament to the fact that you want to become a better professional and that your company supports you in doing so.