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Our partners earn a $100 commission on all referred customer payments. And every month, we pay partners between $40k and $77k.

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Our churn is low

We have a solid course completion rate, and churn is less than 1%.

Our landing pages convert

We invested a lot in conversion rate optimization to boost our sales.

Our audience is worldwide

People around the world want to learn the French language.

What you get as a Get French Classes partner

We do most of the heavy lifting for our partners. From creating the materials to providing you with the help you need, our team is here to make your life easier.

$100 for every successful sale

You get a $100 commission for every successful sale or refferal.

30-day cookies

Your affiliate tracking cookie can last around 30 days.

One place to monitor everything

You can see how much you earn in real-time from your dashboard.

How to become a Get French Classes partner?

It's very simple to join our partner program. As simple as ABC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question that's not listed here? Reach out at ernest at getfrenchclasses dot com.

To be honest, commissions are uncapped. You can make as much as possible, it simply depends on how many customers you bring in.