Top 9 Brainscape Alternatives For All Languages (2024 Research)

By Ibrahim Litinine

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Brainscape is an online platform that uses flashcards to teach different languages, including French. Their mobile app has flashcards with 100 hours of French lessons. 

Brainscape’s French course is divided into five levels — Level 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each level focuses on grammar but gets more complex as you level up. For example, Level 1 covers common words and phrases, while Level 4 has advanced vocabulary and grammar.

The app’s main teaching method is spaced repetition. You tell it your weakest areas and it makes you review those concepts more frequently based on how well you know them. You'll see difficult phrases and verb conjugations more often until you master them.

The lessons are frequent but bite-sized to help you remember what you learned. You can also create your own flashcards, set goals, and shuffle cards to improve your learning. 

Now, while Brainscape’s flashcard method works well, we don’t believe it’s enough (or the best way) to learn a language online, especially if you want to become fluent quickly. You need a platform that teaches more deeply and offers better materials.

We believe if you’re looking for a company to help you with online language learning services, it means the following:

  • You want to speak the language fluently. 

  • You want to improve your language skills — listening, reading, and writing.

  • You don’t want to only learn some grammar rules or understand the conjugated forms of verbs; you want to apply them.

  • You want a company that offers a personalized teaching approach and fits your learning needs. 

  • You don’t only want to be good mentally; you want to communicate with it as smoothly as possible. 

Obviously, Brainscape is not equipped to help you achieve this. That’s why we created this article. 

In this article, you will learn about 8 alternatives to Brainscape that you need to consider for learning French and Spanish online, including our own online French learning platform, Get French Classes. 

From our teaching approach to our materials, we keep everything customized for your specific needs. Let’s start by discussing why we are the best alternative to Brainscape and the best online program for learning French today. 

🇫🇷 Learn From Meghan's Mistakes!

Meghan spent months trying out techniques like vocabulary memorization, spaced repetition, and gamification apps like Duolingo. None of it worked, instead it ended up being total waste of time and money. She had a breakthrough only after discovering Get French Classes where she went through our active immersion, that helped her:

  1. build the daily habits of speaking French,

  2. practice under real-life scenarios through private French classes,

  3. improve fluency through group classes with other French learners.

Join one of our French courses and start speaking French today.

Why Get French Class is Your Best Alternative to Brainscape for Learning French Online

We’ve got a question for you. 

When you imagined yourself fluently speaking French, did you envision conjugating verbs from a textbook or matching words with their English translation out of a flashcard? 

Or did you dream of smoothly charming your way through lively conversations without hesitation and clinking glasses with French natives?

If it’s the latter, then say adieu to stale classroom instruction and novice-level language apps that only bring you flashcard lessons like Brainscape. At Get French Classes, we’re raising the bar on virtual French acquisition with our innovative, entirely immersive approach.

Our comprehensive learning experience strategically combines self-paced video lessons with unlimited live coaching, group conversation practice, social activities, gamification, and deep cultural exploration. 

Think of it like a full 360-degree language development solution specifically designed to transform you into a confident, articulate French speaker prepared for the real world.

Let’s detail the specifics that our program entails. 

Multimedia lessons that help you learn one specific thing at a time

We spent months speaking to French lovers and the number one complaint we get is that apps like Duolingo don’t train French learners for real-life scenarios. And that’s pretty much the complaints we’ve been getting for most French learning apps.

So, the foundation starts with our library of video modules that dissect conversational French phrase-by-phrase, one specific thing at a time.

Get French Class Best Alternative to Brainscape for Learning French Online

All the video materials are designed by and feature our team of experienced language tutors (who are all native speakers). 

Get French Class Best Alternative to Brainscape for Learning French Online

These professional-quality lessons bring forth and explain linguistic nuances, decode contextual meanings, call out idiomatic expressions, and highlight cultural references in a way textbooks never could.

For example, one module will teach you how to properly introduce yourself and make small talk, just like a local French person would. The next module will help you order foods correctly, with the right pronunciations. 

Get French Class Best Alternative to Brainscape for Learning French Online

You’ll even learn how to express your opinions on deep topics smoothly. And you'll understand slang from different French-speaking regions around the world.

After watching each video lesson, we’ll get you to practice what you just learned by speaking and writing. The practice activities are based on realistic, modern situations. 

For example, we could ask you to transcribe casual conversations between friends, write social media posts in French, or role-play professional situations. Here is what a written assignment looks like on our platform: 

Get French Class Best Alternative to Brainscape for Learning French Online

And here is what a spoken assignment looks like: 

Get French Class Best Alternative to Brainscape for Learning French Online

These assignments let you repeat what you learned while using real-world examples.

But these tailored exercises are just a tasty preview of the immersive experience to come.

And here's what our learners say:

Heather took our french course and loves our french tutors

As a busy mom and professional, learning French has been complicated for me. But since I started learning with Get French Classes, I have seen my French improve FAST. Through the lessons, I not only get to practice every day, but I also have more opportunities than before. I can practice with my advisor, private tutor, and other learners like me.

Beza gives glowing testimonial to Get French Classes' tutors and course materials.

What I like the most about the program is that all my tutors are native speakers. They do help me not only understand the French language, but also the culture and the nuances of some words and expressions. And mostly, the live sessions are engaging and fun.

Sunu Kim took french lessons from Get French Classes and enjoys it.

I chose Get French Classes because their teaching materials and content are incredibly rich, going from everyday expressions to more specialized ones. I also get many opportunities to interact with tutors, and that has a huge impact on my fluency.


I've tried learning French on my own before, but nothing compares to this program. The combination of video lessons, live tutoring sessions, and group practice made learning French enjoyable and effective.

Private and group practice to create a fully-fledged immersion space for you

Twice per week, you’ll meet live via video teleconference for personalized coaching directly with your assigned French tutor (your very own). 

Get French Class Best Alternative to Brainscape for Learning French Online

In these virtual face-to-face sessions, your tutor will review your completed practice work, clarify sticking points, and, most importantly, engage you in free-flowing, back-and-forth conversational exercises, with real-time feedback and corrections.

On top of the private tutoring, you’ll have virtual group classes twice a week. These classes are entirely in French and groups are composed of 4-6 learners on the same level. We get you to discuss current events, debate topics, role-play workplace situations, and more. 

Get French Class Best Alternative to Brainscape for Learning French Online

Your tutor guides the class to ensure you learn new vocabulary and apply it constructively. It provides excellent practice in an immersive but relaxed environment.

Also, you’ll get access to our social clubs for deeper cultural learning. Once a week, you virtually tour famous Parisian neighborhoods with native hosts. You’ll watch a French film together with peers and discuss it in the end with your tutor. 

You’ll join a book club to read and discuss French literature and poetry. Our social clubs help you absorb rich cultural traditions while naturally improving your comprehension skills.

Here are some of our tutors:

Milestone badges and certifications to keep engaged and showcase your mastery

To make the experience even more enjoyable, we include game-like elements such as earning achievement badges, competing on leaderboards, and winning special rewards. You’ll also get an accountability partner to practice conversing with between lessons to stay motivated.

After completing all the skill modules and passing evaluations that test your reading, writing, listening comprehension, and speaking abilities, you’ll earn an official French fluency certification. This credential proves your mastery of the language for professional purposes.

And just for the sake of being thorough, understand we only give certificates to learners who’ve shown true mastery of the language and not just those who completed the courses. 

get french classes, the best live lingua alternative with certificate

Low-cost subscription for the best service value

As you can tell by now, our program creates a francophone life and provides you with all the materials and feedback you need to thrive. We designed our program in a way that suits the most serious learners. 

  • No per-hour rates

  • No per-lesson rates

The minute you sign up with us, you get unlimited 24/7 access to our entire comprehensive learning universe and that includes our video lessons, tutoring, group practice, social clubs, all learning materials — it’s all included with absolutely no hidden fees or limitations.

get french classes, the best busuu french alternative

🇫🇷 Learn From Meghan's Mistakes!

Meghan spent months trying out techniques like vocabulary memorization, spaced repetition, and gamification apps like Duolingo. None of it worked, instead it ended up being total waste of time and money. She had a breakthrough only after discovering Get French Classes where she went through our active immersion, that helped her:

  1. build the daily habits of speaking French,

  2. practice under real-life scenarios through private French classes,

  3. improve fluency through group classes with other French learners.

Join one of our French courses and start speaking French today.

Brainscape Alternatives You Can Consider to Learn French Online

Coffee Break French

Coffee Break French best Brainscape Alternatives You Can Consider to Learn French Online
  • About: Coffee Break French is an online French learning platform that teaches through podcasts and online courses. 

  • Best for: Busy people who want to learn French on the go. 

  • Amazon ratings: 4.4 stars out of 5 for 91 global ratings. 

  • Pricing: The podcast lessons are free for all users. However, the online courses, which include video episodes, bonus audio materials, and lesson notes, are priced at $145 or £120 per level

How they teach: 

Coffee Break French delivers its lessons primarily through podcasts, which are available on various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. 

The audio lessons, typically 15-20 minutes each, are designed to fit into a learner’s daily routine, making it easy to learn French during a coffee break or commute.

The program is divided into four levels, each targeting a specific stage of learning: absolute beginner, lower intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced. 

Each level consists of 40 lessons that progressively build upon the learner’s knowledge of French grammar and vocabulary. 

The online courses feature video episodes and lesson notes. The videos provide visual aids and further explanations of the concepts covered in the audio lessons. The lesson notes serve as a written reference for learners to review and study the material covered in each lesson.

The lessons are presented in a conversational format, with the teacher guiding you through the language, explaining grammar rules, and providing practical examples. Learners also gain access to bonus audio materials to enhance the learning experience. 


  • It offers a comprehensive learning experience through structured lessons. 

  • Free podcast lessons, making it accessible to a wide range of learners. 

  • It caters to all learning levels, from beginners to advanced learners.

  • It allows for flexible and on-the-go learning.

  • It includes supplementary materials in the online courses to reinforce learning. 


  • The video lessons are quite limited. So, it may not be suitable for learners who prefer a more visual approach to language learning. 

  • Interaction with instructors or fellow learners is also limited, as it is mainly a self-study learning platform. 

  • Access to additional resources, such as video episodes and lesson notes, requires a paid subscription to the online courses. 

French Together

French Together, best Brainscape Alternatives to Learn French Online
  • About: French Together is an online French learning app that focuses on teaching conversational French. 

  • Best for: It’s particularly a good choice for learners who want to engage in basic, meaningful conversations in French.

  • Ratings: N/A

  • Pricing: French Together offers a 7-day free trial, after which you’ll have to choose between two subscription plans:

  • Monthly plan: $24 per month. 

  • Annual plans:

  • Personal plan: $12 per month.

  • Team plan: $500 per year.

How they teach: 

French Together offers a comprehensive approach to learning conversational French through a combination of dialogues, real-world scenarios, conversational practice, and flashcards.

The app’s lessons are centered around dialogues based on everyday situations. These dialogues are recorded by native French speakers at both a learner-friendly pace and the natural speed of real-life conversations. 

Listening to these recordings helps you train your ears to understand French as it’s spoken in real life.

Each lesson is designed to be completed in just 15 minutes a day, so you can easily fit your French practice into your daily routine. The app incorporates a variety of exercises to help you develop key skills, including:

  1. Listening exercise to improve your comprehension of spoken French.

  2. Pronunciation exercise to help you build confidence in speaking.

  3. Reading and writing practice to familiarize yourself with the flow of French conversation.

  4. Materials grammar and culture to teach you how to use French nouns, verbs, and adjectives in context.

  5. Translation exercises to help you quickly recall vocabulary and prevent freezing during conversations. 

  6. And more.

French Together also employs an intelligent Spaced Repetition System that automatically turns your learned phrases into flashcards. It calculates your ideal study time based on your mastery of each word and offers a hands-free flashcard review for you.


  • It teaches practical, conversational French. 

  • You get authentic dialogues recorded by native speakers. 

  • The courses incorporate a variety of exercises to develop key language skills. 

  • It employs spaced repetition for effective vocabulary retention. 

  • It allows for convenient, hands-free vocabulary practice. 


  • Not suitable for advanced learners, as content is geared towards beginner and intermediate levels. 

  • Lacks face-to-face interaction with instructors or other learners.

  • Relatively expensive compared to some other language-learning apps. 

Learn French with Alexa

Learn French with Alexa best Brainscape Alternatives French Online

  • About: Learning French with Alexa is an online French learning program offering audio, video, and written content to learners at all levels. The program has been featured in notable publications such as Connection and The Telegraph, attesting to its quality and popularity.

  • Best for: Learners who enjoy a variety of learning materials, including audio, video, and written content. 

  • Trustpilot ratings: 4.8 stars out of 5 for 252 reviews

  • Pricing: The company offers three subscription options:

  • 1-month plan: $35 per month

  • 3-month plan: $25 per month

  • Annual plan: $15 per month

How they teach: 

Learning French with Alexa provides a fully-fledged learning experience through a combination of live lessons, video courses, and other learning materials.

At the heart of the program are Alexa’s live lessons, which are held on YouTube. The live lessons are engaging and interactive. Learners participate in real time and benefit from Alexa’s unique teaching style. 

In addition to the live lessons, you’ll have access to over 170 replay videos. That means you can review the material at your own pace.

The program also offers a comprehensive video course, “The Complete French Course,” which is carefully structured to guide learners from level A0 (entry-level) to level C2 (proficiency). This CPD-certified course is designed to help you master the skills necessary to achieve complete confidence in speaking French.

To supplement the video lessons, Learning French with Alexa offers extra learning materials, including:

  1. Downloadable audio versions of the video lessons for on-the-go learning. 

  2. Exclusive video worksheets and support guides that can be downloaded and printed. 

  3. Lesson quizzes to help you track your progress. 

For advanced French speakers, the program offers a “TEF Exam Preparation Course” to help them prepare for the TEF (Test d'Évaluation de Français) exam.


  • Courses and learning materials for learners of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

  • It provides all types of learning materials, including live lessons, video courses, and extra materials. 

  • You can track your progress through lesson quizzes. 

  • It offers exam preparation courses for advanced learners. 


  • It’s not a good option if you prefer a more self-paced, independent learning style. 

  • Interaction with instructors and other learners is limited to live lessons and comments on YouTube videos. 

  • It lacks in-depth practice exercises. 


FrenchPod 101 best Brainscape Alternatives to Learn French Online
  • About: FrenchPod101 is a comprehensive online French learning platform. They offer audio and video lessons, as well as various teaching materials to facilitate learning.

  • Best for: It’s an ideal option if you prefer to learn through personalized feedback and guidance from a teacher.

  • Trustpilot ratings: 4.6 stars out of 5 for 40k reviews.

  • Pricing: FrenchPod101 offers four subscription plans:

  • Free plan

  • Basic plan: $4 per month

  • Premium plan: $6.50 per month

  • Premium Plus plan: $14.87 per month

How they teach: 

FrenchPod101’s audio lessons play at a slow pace so learners can hear and understand each word clearly, and practice their pronunciation using the platform’s voice recording tools.

In addition to the audio and video lessons, you’ll also get several materials to enhance the learning experience, such as:

  1. Flashcards for vocabulary memorization. 

  2. Word lists to expand your French vocabulary. 

  3. Slideshows to provide visual support for the lessons. 

These resources help you retain new words and phrases while also making the learning process smoother and more enjoyable for you.

When subscribed to the Premium Plus plan, you’ll also get personalized learning with a French teacher. You’ll have private sessions with a teacher who assesses your work, provides corrections, and offers guidance tailored to your individual needs. 


  • Courses to all proficiency levels, from beginner to advanced. 

  • You can reach a near-native proficiency level after the course.

  • Learning materials including flashcards, word lists, and slideshows. 

  • Allows for personalized learning with a French teacher. 

  • Offers a free plan for learners to try the platform. 


  • Personalized learning with a teacher is only available with the Premium Plus plan. 

  • May not be ideal for learners who prefer a more interactive or immersive learning approach. 

  • The abundance of resources can be overwhelming for some learners. 

Brainscape Alternatives for Learning Spanish


BaseLang best Brainscape Alternatives for Learning Spanish
  • About: BaseLang is an online Spanish learning platform that offers one-on-one classes with native-speaking tutors. The classes take place on Zoom and are designed to help you become conversational in Spanish.

  • Best for: Individuals who care about becoming conversational in Spanish quickly and also value flexibility in scheduling and lesson content. 

  • Trustpilot ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars for a total of 86 reviews.

  • Pricing: The company offers two learning programs and unique pricing for each. 

  • Real World program: $179 per month

  • Grammarless program: $1,200 (one-time fee)

How they teach: 

BaseLang offers two distinct learning programs: Real World and Grammarless.

The Real World program helps you become conversational through a personalized learning plan. Each lesson lasts at least 30 minutes and is tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

Learners can also choose their topics, bring their own learning materials, and engage in extensive conversation exercises.

The Grammarless program, on the other hand, aims to teach Spanish without focusing on grammar rules. Instead of learning through concepts and examples, learners acquire the language through practice and repetition of patterns. 

This approach is designed to help learners pick up Spanish naturally, similar to how children learn their native language. 

In both programs, they pair learners with native-speaking tutors from Latin America. That means you get authentic language exposure and you can also pick up some cultural insights from them.


  • Offers personalized, one-on-one courses with native-speaking tutors.

  • Provides two distinct learning programs to cater to different learning styles and goals.

  • Allows for flexible scheduling and lesson content in the Real World program.

  • Focuses on developing conversational skills quickly. 


  • More expensive than many other online language learning platforms. 

  • Some users have reported dissatisfaction with the Grammarless program on Reddit. 

Lingoda Spanish

Lingoda Spanish best Brainscape Alternatives for Learning Spanish
  • About: Lingoda is an online language school that offers live Spanish classes with professional teachers. The program is designed to help learners become conversational in Spanish through structured lessons and interactive exercises.

  • Trustpilot ratings: 4.4 stars out of 5 for 4790 reviews

  • Best for: If you want live, interactive classes from professional teachers with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standards. 

  • Pricing: Lingoda offers various pricing options depending on the type of class (Flex or Sprint) and the number of classes included in the package. Private lessons cost $40 per class while group classes cost between $6 and $15. 

How they teach:

Lingoda offers two types of Spanish classes: Flex and Sprint.

The Flex option is a one-on-one class that pairs you with a native-speaking tutor. The number of classes you have will depend on the package you choose.

The Sprint option is a group class with three to five students. Here, learners can take 30 to 60 classes over the course of two months.

Both class types are designed to help you become conversational in Spanish. Lessons cover grammar, reading practice, and other exercises to develop well-rounded language skills. The classes follow the CEFR guidelines, which means a structured and standardized approach to language learning. 

Lingoda’s professional teachers are all native speakers — and they guide you through the language-learning process, providing feedback, corrections, and encouragement. The live format of the classes is your opportunity for real-time communication and practice.


  • Live, interactive classes with professional, native-speaking teachers.

  • Lessons aligned with the CEFR guidelines. 

  • Both one-on-one (Flex) and small group (Sprint) classes.

  • Covers a range of proficiency levels, from beginner to upper-intermediate.

  • Focuses on developing conversational fluency. 


  • The intensive nature of the Sprint option could be challenging for some learners to keep up with. 

  • Not a good option if you want a self-paced, independent study approach. 

  • There are no ways to make the experience fun and keep learners engaged. 


Newsdle, best Brainscape Alternatives for Learning Spanish
  • About: Newsdle is an innovative language-learning platform that teaches Spanish and French through news-based articles. 

  • Ratings: N/A. 

  • Best for: Ideal for learners who enjoy staying informed about current events while learning a language.

  • Pricing: Newsdle offers a straightforward pricing model, charging $10 per month for access to its learning platform.

How they teach:  

Newsdle delivers three news-based lessons to learners every day. Each lesson consists of a news article accompanied by an integrated audio file for the learner to practice both reading and listening skills simultaneously.

The lessons are designed to be interactive and comprehensive, featuring various exercises such as:

  1. Vocabulary matching

  2. Comprehension questions

  3. Grammar questions

  4. Fill-in-the-gaps

These exercises help learners reinforce their understanding of the language and apply what they have learned in context.

On top of the lessons, Newsdle provides learners with vocabulary tools to support their language acquisition. These include a live dictionary, keyword lists, and graded audio. You can use them to explore new words and phrases in-depth and at your own pace.

The inclusion of grammar explanations at the bottom of each article allows you to understand and apply grammatical concepts within the context of the news story. That means the learning process will be more meaningful and effective — especially if you’re a beginner.


  • It offers engaging, news-based content that keeps you informed and motivated.

  • You get a structured, daily learning routine with three new lessons each day. 

  • Includes interactive exercises and comprehensive vocabulary tools. 

  • Teaches grammar in context, making it more accessible and relevant.


  • There is not much focus on speaking and writing skills. 

  • May not be sufficient as a standalone resource for learners seeking full fluency. 


StudySpanish, best Brainscape Alternatives for Learning Spanish
  • About: Study Spanish is an online learning platform that offers Spanish lessons for learners of all proficiency levels, from beginner to advanced. The program covers various aspects of the language, including grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

  • Best for: If you want audio podcasts, quizzes, and tests to reinforce your learning. 

  • Ratings: N/A. 

  • Pricing: It costs $9.99 per month and $119 for lifetime access

How they teach: 

StudySpanish provides a well-rounded learning experience by covering different aspects of the Spanish language. The program includes lessons on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, which form the foundation for language acquisition.

To supplement the lessons, Study Spanish offers audio podcasts that allow learners to practice their listening skills and familiarize themselves with the sound and rhythm of the language. They also provide quizzes and tests to help learners assess their understanding and progress.

Though, reviews on the website suggest that the platform may not provide sufficient listening and speaking practice to fully achieve fluency in conversation. If you care about conversational fluency you’ll have to seek extra resources or practice opportunities.

The platform also provides materials to learners who are currently enrolled in Spanish classes and seeking extra support. It provides resources to help these learners improve their grades.


  • Covers various aspects of the language, including grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. 

  • Provides audio podcasts, quizzes, and tests to reinforce learning. 

  • Offers specific guidance for different learner goals and needs. 

  • Affordable monthly membership fee. 


  • Does not provide sufficient listening and speaking practice to achieve conversational fluency. 

  • Learners need to seek additional resources to complement their studies. 

  • The specific areas of focus for students seeking to improve their grades are not detailed in the provided information. 

  • The whole program is self-study, with no live courses. So, there are no opportunities to practice with native tutors.

Hire Get French Class’ Service to Address your French Learning Needs

If you want to learn French via only flashcards or translate some words, we recommend hooking up with Brainscape, French Together, or any other app for that matter. 

But if you intend to learn French so you can communicate with it fluently or understand what a random stranger says, then you’re in luck. 

Our online French learning program, Get French Classes: 

  • Implements a more personalized teaching approach to fit your needs

  • Ask you meaningful questions about your French learning goals

  • Doesn’t solely rely on flashcards to execute its teaching plans

  • Utilizes effective instructional materials to aid your French learning journey. 

That’s us.

We believe in ensuring you not only learn French mentally but also communicate in French. So, if you want an online French teaching service that's personalized and effective, Get French Classes is the way to go. 

Our teaching approach is super effective, and we always focus on quality service to ensure you get the most return on investment out of your money. 

🇫🇷 Learn From Meghan's Mistakes!

Meghan spent months trying out techniques like vocabulary memorization, spaced repetition, and gamification apps like Duolingo. None of it worked, instead it ended up being total waste of time and money. She had a breakthrough only after discovering Get French Classes where she went through our active immersion, that helped her:

  1. build the daily habits of speaking French,

  2. practice under real-life scenarios through private French classes,

  3. improve fluency through group classes with other French learners.

Join one of our French courses and start speaking French today.